Ivana Borsje

Who am I

Sports and dance coach - trainer - lifestyle coach- revalidation coach - nutrition coach and orthomolecular consultant.

I am Ivana, a versatile, sporty and creative entrepreneur. 

I work as a Freelancer, dancer, performer, trainer, coach and model. Dance is my deepest passion, which always guides me in my personal development.

I learned a lot about myself through intensive dance training. Dance brings me back into my body and gives me creativity, balance, strength and an energetic feeling. Dance gives me joy of life, 'In flow', connection and self-confidence.

I have gained years of experience in how to build strength, balance and flexibility and how to maintain this. I now pass on this knowledge. By means of various movement and posture exercises, learning to sense limits and discovering your own possibilities.

I see that coaching and dance movements can also mean a lot to others ( athletes, non-dancers, children, young people, adults and also the elderly) for their daily well-being (physically and mentally).

I combine dance coaching with vitality coaching, nutritional and orthomolecular advice, guidance towards a lasting healthy weight, strength building and fitness training.

Coaching on a deeper level, through self-reflection, some awareness and insights gives insights and a good feeling that you can use daily and for a long time.

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