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Your health is the most important to me, if you are not healthy, you can perform less and enjoy yourself and you have a greater chance of injuries and a slower recovery from sports performance.

I give nutritional advice specifically aimed at the person.

I take you into account:

- Your: age, affinity, the work you do

Good for everyone:

special nutrition programs for dancers and top athletes

Feel free to contact us to make an appointment if you want to work on your diet.

What can you expect:

- Information what is face for your life pattern.

- What you need to work on.

- Shopping list.

- Eating program.

Nutrition and vitamin advice are given based on insights. Detailed explanation of why certain advice are given will be told and given.

Free presentation: It is also possible to follow free online presentations about cell health, digestion, recovery, etc. Are you interested in attending this event? Then contact us.

- recovery on cell health, intestines, hormones, skin, brain

- recovery from illness or injury 

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