Dance Your Freedom

With dance-your-freedom you learn to follow your body deeply and precisely,

I ( Ivana ) guides you and gives confidence.

And then? 

What if you see, feel, recognize that the tension has built up? 

Then you stick with it and make space in your body through breathing and various assignments that I give. 

That requires a deep trust, that the body itself - from relaxation - tends to move towards progress. 

Then explore and activate alternative movement patterns.

Dance-your-freedom helps you to release tension and fatigue in your head and body. You regain your natural lightness.

You come into contact with your body again. You can discover patterns that lead to (muscle) hardening, for example the tendency to consciously or unconsciously avoid tension or to force movement on willpower (mental survival).

By no longer moving or forcing away, conscious relaxation is created.

Develop your self-awareness and gain more insight into yourself with dance and movement.
Get to know yourself, discover your true potential and dance with the flow of life.

Be your true self

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