In Flow with Ivana:

  • YOGA CLASSES ( online and in the studio )
  • Personal coach
  • Revalidation coach
  • Lifestyle coach
  • Health coach
  • Nutrition and orthomolecular advisor
  • Cooking with Ivana 

Welcome to in flow with Ivana

The place to work on your body and mind.

I am a coach who focuses on each unique person.

Have you always wanted to do something about your body or health?

I give personal advice and coaching, different for everyone because everyone has a different mission.

Do you want to start to let your body flow again.

Then you are at the right place.

In my studio or online.

Feel free to contact me.

Vision on health, prevention and promotion of recovery,

My vision is that life is going with the flow. 

By following your passion in confidence and with an open vision and moving with the flow of life. 

Take care that you learn again and this brings you further.

With passion I guide people who want to be helped towards a more flexible, fitter, healthy and balanced life.

I guide people for more inner balance and improvement of quality of life.

"Everything is possible if you are open to it and if you focus on your goal"

Ivana Borsje

I work as an artist and specialize in: 

  • Yoga teacher
  • Coach ( movement and food )
  • Dance 
  • Choreographer
  • Model 
  • Actress



Tel: +31 636456424

Sociale media:

Instagram Coach: @inflowivana

Instagram dance, model and actice: @ivana.jade.b

Facebook: In Flow with Ivana

and Ivana Borsje

Co-operation with:

Bob Borsje

-Body Mind Release - Reset Method

-Mindfulness teacher 


Natasja Borsje

-Orthomolecular therapist 

-Massage therapist

-Bowel and IBS therapist


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